Thursday, May 21, 2009

Reply to Tash :)

It has been forever and a day since I wrote anything here.  An email from Tash resulted in a reply which turned into this post.  Thanks Tash!!

I'm good!  The weather is mostly nice, so I'm outside with the Angel for most of the day digging in dirt and other fun things.  I've discovered that I love gardening!  Since I now have a huge back yard, I am Mrs. Farmer.  Apple Tree, cherry trees, lettuce, coriander, strawberries, blueberries, sunflowers and other pretty flowers whose names I don't know, but they looked pretty in the pictures on the seed packs.  If they would only grow, it would be great.  I'm really hoping that I see some rewards for my efforts in summer.  It is still a little early to see anything much.

The Angel is great too.  Talking now, non-stop; real words, not just sign language, in her sweet little baby voice.  Mostly english, with the occasional estonian word here and there.  Running and pushing along on her tricycle.  And of course being very very dirty.  If there is a patch of mud within a 2 mile radius, she will find it.  She seems to be allergic to staying clean.  Normal, from what I hear.  Although everybody else's child always looks clean around here.

We're going to visit Prague and Portugal during summer!  There is a possibility of us moving to Prague for the Funny Dude's job... nothing concrete yet...just an idea.  So we're going to check out the city.  And a friend's seaside apartment in Portugal was an opportunity not to be passed.  Yay for Europe and easy traveling!

And we have ducks!  Well we don't own them, but they took up residence in a pond behind our house.  So a couple times a day they come up to my patio looking for their meals, knocking on my door if I don't see them.  They are quite lucky this isn't Trinidad.  I love a good curry duck.

So between a busy toddler, a garden that always needs work, ducks, and a Funny Dude, I have almost no computer time.  And that's fine by me.  I have all winter for that.

Today is rainy, and we're inside.  I'm typing this with my Angel on my lap, helping herself to my boobs.  No signs of that stopping anytime soon.  We both still love it too much to let it go :)

And that's about it! I'm sure there are other things that happened, but I just can't remember now.  Spring 2009 has been really nice.  Friends have been coming by regularly because, as city dwellers, they think I live in the country... seeing as I have a backyard and all.  Fun times :)

I don't know when next I will update here, but you are all in my thoughts.  Your emails to check up on me have made me feel so loved!

So take care guys and gals!  Enjoy your summer!!