Friday, April 10, 2009

She said it best.

I had a fight this morning with Hubby.  We were both idiots.  Both angry.  Both frustrated.  Neither of us listening to the other.  Each screaming like a baboon.  Only perhaps baboons are more civilized.  

We screamed in front of the Angel.  This hurts me.

But there is a blog I read almost everyday.  I really try not to miss it.  It keeps me on track when I get lost... which is often.  It reminds me when I forget.  And I suck at playing Memory.  She wrote something a little while ago that came back to my mind once I had stopped screaming and arguing in my head.

Here it is:  I choose you.


sweet said...

omg. Tears again- i was tear free the last couple weeks.

I have been there- you know that. It hurts more that angel is witness than what is happening to the husband.

I share what you have said to me a million times- Forgive yourself.In growing- these moments do appear. They test our strength.

and let me also tell you about strength- because you are a sprit aspiring for freedom- the tests do seem harder.

Desire to be free brings pain and suffering. Your karma has a pact with angel to teach her.

I LOVE YOU! You light up my soul. I pray we will always be connected.

just think of me and the sex issues- the universe knows it cant fool me with other pleasures- so I needed you to help me with the buff( which only helped and never hurt)

and after abstinence, came withdrawal and now I am not sure LOL if evrything will work when I am ready.

And how come I am redaing all this now? I dont know- the blue star site was down this morning and I decided to check facebook. Coincidence? or not? Thanks for reminding me that we are connected.

Anonymous said...

oh theresa...i am so touched.
thank you.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Ah, those are the worst fights--but your Angel will survive it. I think that while it's best to keep the raw ugliness of a fight away from your kids, it's okay too to let them see you fight because it teaches them that people DO fight and if you respect the groundrules about fighting, it can and will turn out okay. My sons have seen some real screamfests--but they know we're in it for the long haul and know this too shall pass and before thye know it, mom and dad will be JUST FINE once more.

Janelle said...

I think it is important for kids to learn that fighting is part of the struggle of marriage. But they must also see that reconciliation is the other part of that. If she never saw you fight then her expectations of marriage would be unrealistic. If she doesn't see the reconciliation then her expectations of what happens after the fight would lead her to worry. My kids will tell you, mom and dad love eachother and sometimes it gets loud, then they make up :)

LceeL said...

I left a comment over there - and I'll leave a similar one here.

HE has to be just as committed to understanding and giving as you are. it has to go both ways. Because if it's all give and no take - the giver WILL run out of gas and the whole thing then has the potential to turn ugly. Right there in front of God and everybody.