Friday, May 30, 2008

Adventures at the playground. #1

The angel had her first ''sand''-wich today at the playground.  I believe this is something that all babies do??  When she was born one friend advised that I let her eat it as often as she wanted... said it was good for her digestion.  I know I had my fair share at the beach back home as a baby.  Dad told me something about a KFC drumstick that spent more time in the sand than in my hand, but that I didn't seem to mind... indeed it probably added to the flavour :)  Don't worry, that was back in the days when KFC used real chicken.

She was so mesmerized by the sand, watching it trickle through her fingers, slipping away as she tried to grab more.  Complete concentration on her task.  ''Da de bah bah beh'' was the explanation of her discoveries as she held them out for me to see.  Oh to see the world through the eyes of a babe.

I also confused the heck out of a daddy-dude who was there with his 3.  I had to ask him to hold the angel for a few seconds while I tied my Mei Tai baby carrier.  He looked at me with total alarm.  ''Where you go?  When you come?  What?  What?''  Sigh.  I made hand signals to try to show that I wasn't going anywhere, and that I just needed to tie this thing on.  Relief swept his face.  ''OK, OK'' he smiled.  I would love to know what he originally thought I was doing.  

As he held her, his 3 came over to play with her.  ''What her name?'' he asked.  ''Zara'' I told him.  ''Estonian name?''   ''No, actually, its Hebrew.''   ''Aaah.. Hebrew.''  Slight eyebrow raise.  ''And her nationality?''  ''She's Estonian.''  The look of confusion that I am oh-so-familiar with made it's appearance.  My half-breed East Indian and Irish heritage combined with a distinctly Caribbean accent confuses a lot of people over here.  They just don't know what box to put me in.  And here I was with an Estonian baby, with a Hebrew name.  That explanation was going to take a loooot longer than I cared to be there for... and I didn't know the hand signals required.  ''Ok, thanks a lot!  Take care!''  and off I scooted... right into your friendly Mormon missionary.  Sigh.  They are a persistent bunch!  No offense meant to anyone.  But I managed to convince her that my religious needs, and those of hubby were covered.  

I wonder who we'll meet tomorrow!

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