Monday, July 7, 2008

Ying and Yang

The difference between Estonians and Trinis as illustrated by reading a poem to an angel:

Trini (me): LET it rain!! WHO CARES??? I've a train, UPSTAIRS!

Estonian (hubby): Letitrainwhocaresiveatrainupstairs.

Yes, being colour blind seems to extend to his speech as well. hehehe. The angel loves it nonetheless :)

He is the ying to my yang.

I had been in cold, dark, wintery Tallinn for 3 days when one of the 2 people I knew here called to say he was heading out for a few beers. Why not, I thought. The TV in the hotel room was only showing stuff in not-english, so I was up for adventure. And in pre-angel days, was there much else other than drinking and liming until wee hours? Not really.

He was sitting a few chairs away from me. The first (and only) guy to catch my eye over here. Dark hair, full lips, chiseled features... hmmm, sexy. And apparently I had caught his! By the end of the night promises of Exciting Tallinn Tours had been made. I honestly didn't expect too much of it.

Our first date was a movie. Because this is the best way to see Tallinn, of course. Underworld, Part 2. Seriously. The funny dude took me to a vampire flick.

But it worked. Within 2 months we were engaged; one year, married; one year and nine months, mommy and daddy.

Mornings are still groggy, like they were in the early days. Now an angel with the biggest toothy grin wakes us up at the time we used to only just be going to bed. Nights out cavorting until sunrise have been replaced by nights in, curled up on the couch watching whichever new series has us hooked. But the laughs haven't changed. Or the off-key singing we both excel at :) We just do it at home now instead of the karaoke bar.

Life is a far cry from anything I had ever imagined. But as a wise person once said, ''Life is what happens when you are busy making other plans''.


Nan said...

But soon you will be in SUN, SUN, SUN! Unless there is a hurricane. We are hoping for no repeat of the great boat-sinking episode.

Tash said...

yay for Tallin and vampire flicks :)

Miss Conception said...

Hi, I have come over from Bluebella's blog and wanted to say thank you for putting this link in her comments. I have suffered the loss of three babies since December and the post that you put up(, helped me see things differently. Thank you so bery much for that.

Jisela said...

Theresa, I love this post. It's nice to know that fairytales do happen, although they may be somewhat different from the ones we grew up with.

I wish for you many more years of laughter with the funny dude, and many more mornings of smiles from your angel!

Tash said...

Thanks for your honesty chica. Had no idea you have step kids. The melting pot in trinidad helps with the cultural thing - that's not really the problem for me, it's a problem for Traff. He's not used to other cultures - but he's trying. Will chat when you get here. See you down the islands??