Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Its Time for Tallinn Trivia!

Its Tuesday in Tallinn... again. This happens fairly often, like once a week or so. Kyah kyah kyah... lame.

So, to honour the city that I now call home, I've concocted a quiz! Dust off those thinking caps, but outside, please. I've swiffered the floor 3 times already today.

He (or she) who hath the most rightest answers winneth a prize!! Something Estonian, obviously. I'll let you know when I decide what it is. And I'll try to make it not quite as lame as my headlining act / joke, I promise.

Okaaaaaay. Ready, setty, GO!

1. When at one of Tallinn's very few-and-far-between fast-food joints, like Mc Donalds for instance, do you line up to pay for your grub:
a) parallel to the counter
b) perpendicular to the counter
c) What line??? The technology is so super duper amazing that you never have to line up!

2. As you enter the elevator at the mall you see someone who looks familiar. Wait a minute... she lives in your building, you've seen each other around before! You:
a) Smile, say hello and make polite conversation.
b) Avoid eye contact at all costs. Studiously staring at the floor is the best option.
c) Give a brief nod of acknowledgement but say nothing.

3. The best remedy for that horrendous hangover on a Saturday morning is:
a) the hair of the dog
b) a big glass of sour milk
c) cold, bubbly 7-Up
d) sushi

4. You go back at McDonalds, because the Big Mac you ordered was swimming in mayo and it all fell to the floor on the first bite. You order another one, this time without any mayo, and then:
a) Hand the cash to the cashier and wait for your change.
b) Hand over your debit / credit card. This is Tallinn after all, and nobody uses cash.
c) Place the money in the little plastic tray. You never hand over cash directly.

5. The main ingredient in Potato Salad (other than the potatoes obviously) is:
a) Mayo
b) Sour cream
c) That ambiguous white sauce that they serve with everything.

TA DAAA! That's it! May the best wo/man win!!


Nan said...

????? ummm, A, B, All of the above, A, C. yeah!

Tash said...

1. A
2. B
3. wanna say A but it's impossible to refuse sushi so my answer is D (not sure if I can eat sushi with a hangover!)
4. C
5. C

And as for mothers... we'll chat. The world unfolds as it should and we learn from it all!


Anonymous said...

1.A 2.C 3.A 4.C 5.B
i win i win!! right?! hehe