Tuesday, October 21, 2008

housewife + blogging equations

bigger house = more housework

new house = i like to keep it looking new and clean

baby trying to feed herself = mess mess mess

I like being barefoot, but hate feeling grit or dust underfoot when I'm inside + baby trying to feed herself + return of cavorting cat who does nothing but shed hair all day long = me sweeping so many times I wonder if I am on the verge of OCD.

me on the verge of OCD + bigger house + new house = having very little time to blog

having very little time to blog - convenient access to computer as it is on the floor because we haven't bought a desk yet = not much blogging done.

1 swanky new fangly ipod touch from hubby = I can still read everybody else's blog but really couldn't be bothered trying to type comments or my own blog entries with one finger on such a small screen.

writing this blog post = me choosing not to use the baby's nap time to have a shower or take a nap myself.

I know by now you are just over yourself with jealousy for the excitement that is my life ;-)

On the other hand, tomorrow = Happy 30th Birthday to Moi!

What shall I do?! What shall I do?!?! Sweep again? Vacuum again? Nap? Shower? Decisions decisons!


Melissa said...

Take a nap. I have the same issue with OCD hitting hard. New House + 3 Kids + 5 cats + Dirty Husband=Wife heading over the edge of OCD. Currently I am on strike.

Have a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! 30 is a landmark so I say pamper yourself. Massage, facial, manicure and 0 real life stuff for the day!!


Theresa said...

OMG! How do you ever get anything else done? YOu just made me realize how easy my life is!

As for the pampering... I wish! The baby currently refuses to be anywhere other than glued onto me, including the floor next to me, or her daddy's arms next to me, or anywhere really. It might make getting a massage a bit tricky ;-)

Melissa said...

I don't to be real honest. It is the equivilant to climbing Everest daily. I do have some tricks that come in handy. The dishwasher is run 2x a day and kept empty I cannot have a dirty kitchen, I make all the beds in the AM, Vacumme 2-3x a day, bathrooms get the 10 min tidy daily and a true scrubbing on sundays, laundry well lets just say there could be a small undiscovered country under the pile and for times when I have just given up I never go barefoot in the house. Cannot stand grit on the feet so I bought a pair of El Natura Lista slip ons for in house use. OMG cannot believe I just told you that....

As far as pampering goes for your birthday does the baby nap at a regular time? If so make an appointment for a massage and have your husband come sit after baby goes to sleep. Then he can stay while you have some "me" time. It is easier for a child to wake up with daddy and be happy then it is to try and leave with daddy and be sad.

Trac said...

I am OCD negative!

But I'd love you to do your six!
Consider yourself tagged.

However, have a happy happy birthday first! :O)

witchypoo said...

Happy Birthday darlin. Enjoy your OCD while you still have the energy. After a while, it just gets too tiring to maintain.

Trac said...

***Happy Birthday***

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Theresa!!!

Tash said...

Happy 30th chick! Hope you have a great one! Sounds like you're gonna have to being the unvelcro-ing process with the Angel at some point if you wanna have some me time love!

eye in de sky said...

Happy birthday Darling Doux Doux,
Hope you have a wonderful day!!

Put newspaper on floor under highchair, then throw away (newspaper) or feed her in the shower stall then shower with her! Buy a Swiffer TM for your floor and if all else fails.............
Hire a frickin MAID !!!!!!!
Lots of Love

Melissa said...