Friday, December 5, 2008

WT... Friday

Any idea why I changed this to Wednesday?  Me neither. 

But anyway:

The unopened pack of  ham slices that were supposed to expire TOMORROW were already smelling funky.  WT...?  So much for the visions of club sandwiches that where shaking their bootays in my head.  PBJ... meh.  It silenced the growl at any rate.

They put up the Christmas trees in the mall.  But that was it.  Just Christmas trees.  No lights.  No dangly thingys.  No sparkling stuff.  WT... ??  Welcome to Elbonia.

And that's it!  That's all I got.  It's been a good week I guess :)

So let's hear yours!


Karly said...

No lights or pretties on the trees?! Our mall has been decorated for over a month!

Melissa said...

Oh I have a few of them WTF'ing F*#K are you f*%king kidding me to add to this.

My birthday was tues and my husband partner of 13 f%*king years FORGOT!!! WTF I am still pissed of so F*%K him. The only reason he remembered was because um yeah I fucking told him at 4:30. WTF F*&king F*%K me hell!!!

He then felt so guilty but refused to apologize so then he decided to go for the gold and start a series of lame f*%king arguments with me...WTF just say you are sorry WTF

I came down with the loss your intestines in the pot flu on wens and have been vomiting for 2 days straight. WTF I wanna party sat night..Why the fuck am I sick..WTF.

OK I feel much better now. Thank you for continuing WTF friday:)


Melissa said...

I have some additions my previous comment was left a little to early.

My Madi that turns 9 tomorrow has contracted the dreaded flu. WTF her 1st party with all her new friends from her new school..WTF:(

I have recontracted the dreaded gut buster and have been sick all afternoon...WTF

I have to stay up and wash blankets as Ms. Madi has vomited on her brothers bed, sisters bed & the pile of clean blankets...WTF kid hold that shit in til you make it to the tile..please...damn...WTF

Ok now I am going to continue bitching at my blog since I owe a post today cause I promised one...WTF...