Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The baby bit my boob and other fun tales.


That's how I reacted to the searing feeling of her newly chipped front tooth grating away the skin of my poor, poor, right mammary.


That's how she reacted to my reaction.

''Oh no, Mama's sorry pumpkin. It's OK. It's OK. Here you go'' *returns now shredded and bleeding boob to sniffling Angel*.

*Stifle scream of agony as she resumes nursing.*

She didn't mean to. It was an accident. It was most likely my fault. It still hurts like the deepest flaming pits of hell. It was her favorite boob too. It still is.

Onto other fun stories!

I didn't marry an @ss!!  I knew it! He is a wonderful, caring, sensitive, loving, funny, awesome, smart, sexy, handsome man. He just had a moment of weakness. It happens. I was a bee-atch. It happens. But everything is all lovey dovey once more :) Yay! Being in love is so yummy :)

It's CHRISTMAS!! My tree et al is up. The baby is trying her best to take it back down. I am Jingle Bell Rocking all around the kitchen thanks to this amazing lil program called Spotify. Since I can't get any Trini radio stations to play on the Mac (because the Mac, the radio stations and / or I am incompetant), I am using this nifty thingy to listen to all my music. Unless you like really crappy pop, obscure Euro trash tunes or weird techno music, Estonian radio just doesn't cut it.

Music is such an important part of Christmas, isn't it! There is nothing like the notes of those old hymns or the jingling of the bubbly Christmas pop to transport you back to your own childhood days when Christmas was a time of magic. Listening to it today while I pushed the baby around in the living room in her stroller (she likes it, we don't have to get dressed, I'm sure we look weird, but I'm not complaining) I felt that magic again.

The magic of twinkling lights; the excitement of trying to catch a glimpse of Santa and his flying reindeer; the smell of ham, home-made bread, sorrel, ponche-de-creme, turkey and stuffing; the bustling feeling of preparation in the air; the choir at church who always give it that extra jazz; the magical stories; the beautiful, fairy-tale decorations at the mall; the new curtains and freshly painted walls; the happy visitors; the creche; the generosity; the laughter of Christmas morning; the ''how yuh Christmas shaping up?'' from everybody you meet; Soca Santa sweating on the highway in his roller skates advertising Elsa's Toy Store; the any-time-of-the-day-traffic-jams; the music that plays only at this time of year.

Elbonia doesn't really celebrate Christmas. They acknowledge it all right, but I wouldn't use the word ''Celebrate''. They are a reserved people (coughcoughgrinchescoughcough) If you blink at the mall you are likely to miss the decorations. Nary is carol to be heard.  Polar opposite to Trini Christmas.  Trini's are everything but reserved.

This will be my 3rd year away from home for Christmas. I would give anything to be back in Trini. But Birmingham will have to do. Yup! Birmingham. One of my closest friends, Nalini and her two little girls are leaving warm and sunny / rainy Trini to spend a cold Yuletide with her brother in B'ham. The Angel, hubby and I will be crashing.  We'll be kicking it pseudo-trini style, with scarves and sweaters instead of strappy tops and stilettos . Grocery lists are being compiled for real Trini ingredients as I write.  And I am finally feeling ''it''.

I'm really really looking forward to Christmas this year :)

Are you feeling the feeling yet?


Tash said...

Ooh I'm starting to feel it. Glad things are all lovey dovey again. And a pseudo trini christmas ain't half bad!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Well, shredded boob aside, you sound VERY gleeful:) So glad!

Janelle said...

ouch!!! Sounds like you got some much needed sleep. Have a wonderful time, I haven't had a Trini-style Christmas in 10 years :( Take lots of pics of the food :)

LceeL said...

Well done on getting the ship righted and it's smooth sailing again on the marital seas.

So I won't offer to kiss it and make it better - don't want to stir up the ocean, so to speak.

BlueBella said...

Glad to hear things are better my dear - except for the shredded boob! Poor, poor boobie!
Mom told me she stopped nursing me when I executed the "chomp & jerk" maneuver with my new teeth :(

Happy Happy Christmas!!!

eye in de sky said...

Joy and Cheer
You Happy,Me happy
Bite ouch!
Need a garlic pork recipe?
Check Fat's for chow chow

JULiE-MARiE said...

haahaaa! that first story is hilarious. Babies are something else. I hope youu havee a good (as)TRINI(As possible) Christmas. that was the topic of my first (and only) blog..simply because it's the best type of Christmas.