Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Tea Time

Me: ''Turn on the kettle please honey.''

Funny Dude winks seductively at said kettle and suggestively rubs its smooth, round body: ''Uh huuuuuhhhh''

Funny Dude: ''No?''

Poor fella.


LceeL said...

You know, it's been my experience that that old trick never works. It doesn't work on any nearby women, either.

Chocolate. Chocolate works.

Nan said...

Kyaaah, kyaaah! That's too funny! We have to visit frequently when we become EC neighbours, so I can show him how Tea is Done!

Or, no, we'll send him and Sean out to the park with the kids and just do it ourselves.

Tash said...

hahahah he's a twit!

Lou's right - chocolate! But it can backfire Lou. Too much chocolate and you'll get the "I've put on weight. I just don't feel sexy right now..." excuse.

witchypoo said...

I think laughter is a good panty remover. Just sayin.

Melissa said...

That is cute, who would have thought that making tea would be foreplay!! I have been meaning to email you back sorry it has been crazy here and now I have a broken finger so it hurts to type:)

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

OH my!