Thursday, November 20, 2008

Thursday 13. My first year of being a Mama.

In a few days, the Angel's first year will have be over. My baby just isn't a baby anymore. There were times during this year that I longed for her to be older just so I could understand and be understood, but there were countless more times when I held onto every inch of her soft, baby sweetness and whispered ''I want you to stay like this forever.''

1. Mommy-love is the most overwhelmingly beautiful thing that I have ever experienced. When she was first born, it took me completely by surprise and I swore I could never have another baby. It just wasn't possible to love more than one person this much. Now, I'm not so sure. Me thinks me wants more... lots more :) (Relax honey, I can wait a little while longer.)

2. Labour is the most horrendously, excruciatingly PAINFUL thing that I have ever experienced. When it was over, I swore that I would NEVER EVER EVER have another baby. There was NO WAY IN HELL that I would put myself through that again. And that was with an epidural (or so they told me). Now, I'm not so sure. Me thinks me wants an all-natural home birth next time :)

3. I don't know of anything sweeter than my baby's smile.

4. I don't know of anything more heartbreaking than my baby's tears.

5. Sleepless nights suck. You get over it and live to see another day. Although that doesn't change the fact that it sucks. It sucks especially hard when, despite being awake for half the night, the baby decides to start the day at 5:30 am.

6. Sucking the snot out of your newborn's nose when she can't breathe isn't as gross as it sounds. It tastes like water, but slightly more gelatinous. I know you were dying for that tidbit of information :D

7. Everyday I experience more joy than I knew existed before I had her.

8. I have, at times, gone days without a shower; I have often been covered in puke, snot, pee, poop, and sometimes a combination; I can't remember the last time I had my nails done or wore high heels; I am still fabulous :)

9. Now that she is a toddler, I miss my baby.

10. Now that she is a toddler, I can't wait to see who she will become.

11. A toddler is a world of fun, shrieking giggles, silly games, tests of patience, jiggly bottoms scurrying away at nappy-change-time, splashy baths, everything needs to be tasted, cupboards are for emptying, cat tails are for pulling, sweet snuggles, and unabashed love.

12. A newborn is a world of tiny hands, the sweetest angel sighs, itsy bitsy clothes, heart-breaking tenderness, softly curled little bodies, miraculous beginnings, and love love love.

13. Seeing a man lovingly take care of his baby is a guaranteed panty-dropper. (thanks for that lovely expression Witchypoo :)


Anonymous said...

I loved this post. Being a mum is great isn't it?

Luckily my labour wasn't too long. Waters broke at 4am, my daughter was born at 9:13am.

As for #6 - I got my mum to do that for me.

grace @ sandier pastures said...

What a sweet post. I agree, being a mom is the best in the world. I have never known I could ever love someone so much until I became a mom.

I also had a long, painful labor - one that lasted for JUST 40 hours!

Tash said...

Lovely! It's the best isn't it???

I want more and soon - I am slowly coming to terms with that - or maybe not so slowly but I am trying hard to slow down the urge.

Nicholas said...

Happy TT!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Aw, that's cool how many things you can list about motherhood!

snugbunny said...

I am so happy for you. I can't wait to be a mummy...

Janelle said...

WOW!!!! I guess now you get why I have so many, lol :) I am so happy you have found the joy of motherhood :) And, an all natural homebirth is a wonderful experience, keep reading up on it and you'll see :) We're hoping for another homebirth this round :)

witchypoo said...

Your daughter will be so touched by this. Make sure you wait until she is a teenager and thinks you are super dork to show her :)
As for panty dropper, I'm all about the class, aren't I?

Nan said...

I wouldn't have believed it, but when they are nearly your height, and smell like a goat, and have OPINIONS, you love them with that same amazing love. Good thing, too!

Adam Andrews said...

this is real culture
long time i mean to big you up
i'm sure the young one will be amazed to read this when she is older, much like I am amazed at my mother's diary.
thanks for sharing, and thanks much for your support

Melissa said...

For all you snot suckers out there I am really hoping this was not done with your actual mouth...because eewww # 6 made me gag a bit. I am however going to ship a box of bulb syringes to you all if that is true.

This is a wonderful post, being a mom is amazing. I have loved the past 10 years of it and would not change a minute of it!!

Anonymous said...

So awesome! Happy birthday to your little girl! You are in for a lot more wonderful in the coming year, more than you can even imagine!

~ Antique Mommy

BlueBella said...

Oh Happy Birthday sweet Angel!!!!! Many many hugs and kisses!!!

And Mama - this is an amazing post - thank you for sharing.

I'm also glad to hear you're thinking of making more Angels - you are a fabu Mommy and many many more children deserve to call you that!

What I found with having more than one child is your heart grows larger with each one, making that infinite love possible with each of their uniqueness. You can love them boundlessly, and that love you have for one is redoubled with the arrival of the next child.

Oh lordy I gave birth just a month ago and my uterus is already aching! Dammit!

Oh yeah, and the #6 thing . . I have a battery operated snot sucker that works like a charm - the kids giggle when we use it . . which has been A LOT this week!

LceeL said...

I wonder if that panty dropper thing works when the baby being cared for is your grandchild. Do you suppose Grandma would drop 'em?