Wednesday, November 26, 2008

WT... on Wednesday

It's that time again! You know, where I share with you all the *beep* moments of my week.

I planned everything for the Angel's first birthday on Sunday gone... a clown to do balloon tricks, a menu that wasn't entirely based on sugar, friends from near and far with kids, balloons galore, custom-designed cake, hats and noisy thingamabobs. Everything. Or so I thought. I forgot to ask Mother Nature for permission to have a 'do'. And she had other plans. She thought a SNOW STORM would be more fun. WT...(AAAAAHHHHH) So much for the party. We ate the cake anyway, with 2 neighbours who braved the blizzard to join us. And then built a snow-man.

Google keeps ignoring me when I try to log in. WT...??? And that means blogger too. This post is a fluke.

Hours spent putting a slideshow of the Angel's first year together, complete with sappy music, seem to be in vain. Blogger and YouTube won't let me upload it. WT... (grrrrrrrrrr).

Some Estonian kids keep showing up at my door dressed in weird costumes and singing weird songs. And I have to give them snacks. WT...! Halloween was weeks ago! Now I have no more cookies.

Not too bad a week actually. It could have been worse.

What about you? How has your week gone so far?


witchypoo said...

She won't even remember the party. Now if she was a teen...

Melissa said...

That is crap when Mother Nature does not cooperate. She tends to be a little flaky:) As Witchypoo stated she will not remember there was no party and also you have a lovely slide that you can share with us when it will load:)

Trac said...

Awww, well I bet your beautiful daughter had a lovely time despite the weather.

But I miss WTF Friday. Such a brilliant invention! :O)

LceeL said...

Sorry that Mother Nature decided to rain on your parade - well, actually, snow on your party. But she's so cute I'm sure she would say, "that's okay, mommy."

Nan said...

Ah, when having parties for small children always remember that everything that can go wrong will, and the birthday child will end up in tears. I learned and now I do un-parties. The kind where you tell a few people "well, come on over" and act surprised when forty people turn up. That way, if you run out of snacks or beers, you can pretend it isn't your fault!