Friday, November 7, 2008

WTF Friday

Last night I found out that today will be Friday. WTF! Where did the week go? In honor of my Eureka moment, I present all the things this week that have made me say WTF:

Only 35% of Estonians supported Obama. WTF??

The fact that this was a defining moment in history was not that important here (except to us foreigners). There wasn't much ado about it at all. WTF?

There was ICE on the car this morning. WTF!!

The Prime Minister of Trinidad wants to spend 35 million TT dollars to lease luxury vehicles for the Summit of the Americas from BMW in Germany. The local dealers wanted to lease them to the government at no cost. WTF?!?!?!?!?!

The tooth fairy now has to pay 20 dollars per tooth. WTF! In my day, I got 25 cents! Kinda like how in my parents' day they used to pay 3 cents for a loaf of bread, with cheese. Damn I feel old.

They say it takes a village to raise a child. So why am I doing this alone? WTF! (Yes, I have a husband, but he is at work all day. He does what he can, especially after enthusiastic discussions about the value of sitting on the couch with his laptop and its impact on the parenting experience.)

The cat's bowl is empty. Am I the only one that sees that? WTF?

I've been very tired, kinda pukey, head-achey, my boobs are sporadically leaking, but the pee-pee stick only shows 1 line. WTF??

Sarah Palin didn't know that Africa was a continent. W.T.F???????????

I saw a t-shirt that read ''Don't blame me, I voted for McCain''. WTF?

In 2 weeks, the Angel will be ONE YEAR OLD. WTF?!! Where did the year go??????? My tiny, soft, precious, beautiful, cooing, fragile little newborn is now a rumbling, tumbling, babbling, even more precious, even more beautiful toddler. But more on that in another post.

I am a wife and mother! WTF!!!!!! (But that's to be read in more of a ''Oh my God! HOW COOOOOL'' kinda way )

So there you have it. My Eureka moments for this week. Did you have any?


Tash said...


And seriously, is the fact that the pee stick only has one line really a WTF moment? I would've thought it'd be more of a Thank Fuck moment or a Not so reProductive but helluvalotof fun Fuck hee hee :)

I just cursed on Theresa' blog, twice - WTF?

So there's my WTF moment. If i think of one I'll get back to you.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Oh my--you have a LOOOOOOOONG list! Sheesh!

Nan said...

All I can think is, YAY it's Friday! But WTF, here I am Blog Crawling, and not out on the town doing something wild and crazy... And I am sooooo cool with that tonight. Early bedtime? Yeah! Pancakes for brekkies? ALL RIIIIGHT!

LceeL said...

I just had one - I read Tash's comment.

Melissa said...

Alright I am here to say Fuck a few times also. This is exciting I love the fuck word it is such a positive sentence enhancer. Everything sounds so much better with fuck in front of it. My personal favorite is "You are fucking kidding me".

So for my WTF this week lets start with finding out the my family is a bunch of conservative republicans. That was a shock both for them and I when they found out that I am bitchy member of the democratic party and I believe in change. I do believe I have a few cousins that are not speaking to me. I am staying home for the holidays less I be hanged for treason.

WTF moment number 2 was when my husband finally took my tire apart to find out how the gremlins are making it flat each night. He found a razer blade shoved in my tread. WTF someones dirty drug laced blade was flattening my tire. Little pissed about that.

WTF grand finale for the week was I picked the girls up from school and they informed me they were off school until wens. The notice for that was time off was sent home today. WTF!!!???!!!!

Ok I am done WTF'ing with you:)


Trac said...

haha brilliant.

I would like to see WTF Friday as a regular feature all around the world! :O)

I think I have WTF moments all the time, but just this morning, I was due to go away for the weekend. But to get to the train station, I had to get a bus.

I waited in the pouring rain for almost an hour for this bus, then thought to myself WTF - I'm going home.

That wasn't really a WTF moment was it?

More of a 'Oh Fuck This' moment really...

witchypoo said...

WTF is up with the tooth fairy?

BlueBella said...

Oh I like the idea of WTF Friday!!!

My moment this week was when working on Angelfish's baby book . . and dragging out Sea Monkey and Starfishe's books and realizing I have just as much done in the new baby's as in the twins - WTF kind of mother am I???

Islandgirl said...

I am apparently the ONLY person in my house that can change a toilet paper roll when it is done... WTF!! (ps. I won't tell you where I was when I had THAT Eureka moment!!)