Friday, January 23, 2009

Because I love to torture myself.

Despite my admittedly lame efforts, I am unable to ignore Carnival this year.  I tried for a few weeks, from Boxing Day until this week to forget that Carnival even exists.  I didn't listen to a single song, or look at a single Carnival website.

I've been involved in Carnival since childhood, like almost all trini kids.  It is in my bones, my blood, my veins, my hair follicles, my sweat, even my boogers.  And when this time of year rolls around, that itch starts.  The fever rises.  My waist and hips start moving separate from the rest of my body.  My feet get the urge to jump.  My hands want to hold a rag and wave.  My body feels the pulse of the music.


There will be no skimpy, beaded bikini this year.  A wool coat is what I need to wear.  No fancy, feathered headpiece.  A knitted hat to keep my ears warm has to suffice.


This just SUCKS!!!

But I have to laugh, because if I don't I just might go mad.

And I will continue to torture myself by listening to the music that is the backbone of Trini Carnival.  Besides, I need to ensure that the Angel is well immersed in her Trini culture, right?  And she loves it.  Because, even though she was born here, she is a Trini.  When I put it on, she bumps to the beat.  Because this is a beat that you can't ignore.  It forces you to move.  

So, from now until it is over, I'll share it with you.  I will try everyday, to post a song from Trini Carnival.  Some will be old, some will be new, some slow and groovy, some crazy and fast, but they will all be a real reflection of Trinidad's heartbeat.


Today:  It's Carnival by Destra and Machel, from Carnival 2003.


Tash said...

Well I wasn't sure I caught the spirit yet, in fact was talking about that with a friend on my way to work this morning but that song's from the last time I played, when I lead a section. What great memories. Thanks!

Will take a jump for you. Know it's not the same but it's the best I got, sorry. ok, a drink too, and I'll find a tassa man to whine on in your honour, how's that?

you're torturing yourself!

Tash said...

a video of the angel dancing perhaps??