Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Pan sweet pan

I was going to post a song, Trini soca of course, that a friend over here in Estonia loves.  When we met (at a Caribbean party, natch) and he found out I was Trini, it was the first song he asked if I knew. 

But you will have to wait with intensely baited breath for that.

Because before I found that song on youtube, I wandered over to Tash's and learnt that she is taking Lou to the pan yards tonight.  And my heart broke a little.  You see, pan is a BIG part of Carnival, it being our National Instrument and all.  The pan yards are where the steelpan bands practice for the big competitions leading up to Carnival.    And there is nothing like standing in the yard, surrounded by those sweet, pulsating rhythms.

I chose ''This One is For You Bradley'' by Phase II.  They won the Panorama competition in 2006, and I heard them practice it just before I left for my life here in Estonia.  It was the last time I heard live pan. 


Tash said...

Pan Sweet Pan. Bounced up Bunty and Rory at Renegades. Was really crowded everywhere of course as it was a judging night so not sure how much Lou and Lou Jr really got to experience but they did end up on Picaddilly Rd at 10:30 pm - Can you say foreigners walking along East Dry River?

Renegades sounding good. Didn't make it to Phase II in time :(

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Oh that sounds like something my family would enjoy--I just have developed such a vision of living there at this time of year! It sure beats life in the frozen tundra;)