Friday, September 12, 2008

And now for something completely different.

I'm willing to bet that most of you won't have a clue who Apache Indian is. To begin with, he's not Native American, he's the other kind of Indian, you know the ones who eat spicy stuff, and have funny accents, and are either IT experts or doctors.

Or in this case, reggae singers.

Yes, I know. The thought of an Indian reggae singer is a little strange.

But nonetheless, he is. And he has had a couple hits like this and this. Well, they were big hits in Trinidad at any rate. Tash, I am SURE you remember boogieing to these at Coconuts or Base or Life ;-)

Last night hubby, being a huge dancehall and reggae fan (another reason he married a Caribbean chick, Moi) came across something very very different from Apache.

And it really struck something in me. If you liked Shanti / Ashtangi by Madonna, you will probably like this too.

And there's your Friday Entertainment from me :)


Tash said...

Well yes! I certainly didn't expect that post. Brilliant. Definitely took me back to Nuts, Base, Life, Magix, Genesis... hahaha

Love the new stuff too. Listening to it again now.

Tash said...

Loving him with the dreads too


BlueBella said...

Oh this is nice! I'm always so repetative in my listening habits, getting stuck in the same old rut you know? Thanks for opening an new door of music for me - very cool!

Trac said...

Wow! I wasn't expecting to see this here.
I haven't thought about him for years.
I used to work at his record company when he had his early hits, but I won't ruin it for anyone by saying what I thought of him as a person. haha.
Although I'm sure he has grown up a bit since then. (Haven't we all?)
He's certainly looking good these days! :O)

Theresa said...

Tash, I think he looks kinda hot with the dreads too! And I've listened to the new song a million times already.

Bella: I've been listening to the same Bob Marley albums for about 2 months now, because the baby likes them and they put her to sleep. Its always nice to get something new :)

Trac: Yes indeed we all have. I don't think I would have liked me very much back in those days either! And i'm guessing by the nature of his new song, he's in a better place now.

Trac said...

Well he's originally from Birmingham and you don't have to go far to be in a better place than that! haha

I apologise if anyone from Birmingham happens upon this comment - I was joking. (Kind of!?)

Theresa said...

hahahaha.. i thought he was from the caribbean or India. psshhhh

LceeL said...

Let's see ... He's Indian, calls himself Apache, once big in Trinidad, and he hails from Birmingham ... England. My guess is it took him a while to get his head straight.

Theresa said...

Makes sense Lou! I'm half indian, half irish, originally from Trinidad, living in Estonia... and i STILL haven't gotten my head straight!

Trac said...

haha yes, makes sense.

I'm a Londoner, living in London.
Both of my parents were Londoners and I still haven't got my head straight yet either!?