Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Because YOU make my day :)

My fantastically fabulous friends Nan and Tash, whom some of you know, are all about sharing the love. They gave me this:

I sat here, drinking water from the angel's sippy cup because I am too lazy / tired to go get my own, and thought about the bloggy folks that make my day too.

Then I had to go season some chicken for dinner, kiss a boo boo, play with Mr. Elephant, research a new stroller online because the one I bought is total crud, dance the Angel down for her nap.

Sidenote 1: The Quinny Zapp is an overpriced and oversized umbrella stroller. Don't be fooled. Don't waste your money. Anyone wanna buy a almost-never-used one?

Sidenote 2: I 'm kinda jealous of ye who can just put your babies down and they go to sleep. I love dancing / swinging / rocking her to sleep, but sometimes my back... she is getting heavy. Its just a phase.

But back to the important stuff: You, You and YOU!! I give this award to You.

Because YOU make my day :) Everybody that spends their precious time reading my brain-farts. You make me feel special and loved. And you help me feel less lonely. And you make me laugh. And you inspire me. And you help me to challenge myself. And you let me be me.

And I am grateful grateful grateful.

So thank you for coming to see me. And thank you for sharing with me.

You totally make my day, everyday :)

Who makes your day? Pass it on and let them know.


Maria said...

hi theresa

just popped over to say hi. thanks for your comments over at api. wow, you have a wonderful blog. i have loved reading it! full of love for your beautiful angel. thank you for sharing her with us.

maria blois

Theresa said...

Thanks for coming by Maria! And thank you for your always helpful articles at API. You guys over there are a real source of support for me.

LceeL said...

I keep stopping by here from time to time - and I keep telling myself - I have to come back. And somehow, I don't seem to get here everyday and I know I should. I think I should do some pruning of sites I visit so I can get to the ones I really want to get to. Like this one.

Theresa said...

Sweet as always:) You know Lou, I am in the exact same boat with you. I will do something to fix that today!

Nan said...

What makes my day? Reading about you rocking your angel to sleep... And then hearing Chas yell "Gosh, is that the time?? G'Niiight!" but seriously. How many naps a day does she gave? If it's just one or two, work out a meal/bath/nap routine and YOU lie down and pretend you are sleeping. She will probably hop into bed once she's sure there is nothing interesting going on. Make sure the room is absolutely childproof, as well as boring. It could be that you need the nap more than she does right now!

Theresa said...

You know, she goes down fairly easily at night without the rocking etc. Its just the for the 2 or 3 day naps that she needs to be in the sling. If I put her down too quickly she will wake right back up for play time!

And don't worry! I almost always take a least one nap with her I don't think I could survive the day and have time for hubby at night without it!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

I have to giggle because I too have sipped from sippy cups out of sheer exhaustion and I had babies who never went to sleep easy. In fact, all 3 gave up their naps completely by age 2--which, BTW, was so WRONG.
But this too shall pass--those cuddles are pretty precious while they last.