Monday, September 22, 2008

Oh so very very very loooong day

Hubby has been in the US o' A for the last week. He's still there. He's gonna be there all this week too.

I have been here. A.L.O.N.E.

This single mom stuff is very very (badword) hard.

Tash, and Bella, hats off to you ladies. And in case you forget, tell your parents how much you LOVE and APPRECIATE the HELP and SUPPORT that they give you. Because, trust me, not having ANY SUPPORT, is NOT EASY.

I am too tired to think straight, and have had to correct too many typos in the last 5 lines.


Tash said...

Hang in there - one more week.

Thanks for the shout out though :) You're right parents are incredible.

ps - Good luck unvelcro-ing the Angel when Funny Guy gets home. All you for 2 weeks... pressure hee hee

LceeL said...

That's hard. I know it is. But the week will pass and he WILL be home. and then you'll just have to find someplace you two can hide.

Trac said...

They're right of course.

But in the mean time, enjoy sleeping in the middle of the bed, or in a diagonal fashion and not having the quilt pinched off you in the middle of the night...

Or is that just me? :O)

Theresa said...

Thanks folks :)

Trac, the Angel sleeps with us. No matter where I put her on the bed, I always end up teetering on the edge. But at least I still have somebody to snuggle up with at night :)

witchypoo said...

You can do a week. Honest. I did 25 years, and no sign of him moving out on his own yet.