Sunday, September 28, 2008

Not the sharpest tool in the shed

Hubby: Honey! We're going to see the Hoover Dam this weekend!

Me: That's the one from the Beavis & Butthead movie, right?

Hubby: Um, yeah. (weird look comes over his face and there is a slight shake of his head)

Me: Yeah. Of all the millions of interesting facts about the Hoover Dam, that's the one I remember.

What can I say... I just have more pressing issues competing for grey matter than Hoover and his Dams :-P


Trac said...

Guess it must be a 'man thing'

Nick and I went to the Hoover Dam once and while he thought it was amazing,fantastic and all that, I was a little underwhelmed by the whole thing.

I'm impressed by your knowledge or Beavis and Butthead though...

Melissa said...

Ah the hell with the Hoover Dam. I will say I heart you for your Beavis & Butthead knowledge. Here is why

LceeL said...

You know more Beavis and Butthead than I do - and I have three sons who thought they were heroes.

Theresa said...

And I thought you guys would say something about Hoover! hahahaha :)