Saturday, September 6, 2008

Brilliance, genius and excessive boasting

You will have to forgive me for this, but I just HAD to.

The angel is the smartest baby ever ever ever on the planet. I'm her mama, so I get to say that.

You get to say it about your babies too, of course.

But this is my blog.

So I shall say it again. She is the smartest, most genius, excessively gifted with extreme intelligence blah blah blah...

She learnt to say Milk! Well, sign, not actually say out loud. She's only 9 months. but still. I have been showing her the sign for milk when we nurse for about 3 weeks now, and today she started doing it too.

And then the heavens opened and angelic voices with a pretty beam of sunlight came down.

In case you give a hoot, the sign for milk is a fist that you open and close like you're milking a cow. Or so it looks to me.

And that's my story for today.


BlueBella said...

Absolutely, pure genius your little Angel! At 9 months! You have every right to be proud, boastful, in fact I think you should make a sign and post it in your yard: MILK!

We had a signing moment today, too, with Sea Monkey signing 'more' and saying "Toa" (for toast) . . .and he's 18 months:)

What wonders their little BIG brains!

Theresa said...

Yay for Sea Monkey!! It really is amazing watching them learn en'it.

Tash said...

The signing thing is incredible. Didn't know about it when Stinker was a baby, but saw a friend's daughter sign "more" last week. Brilliant.

Yay Angel!

Nan said...

There's an award for your genius baby over on my site, so check it out!