Thursday, September 4, 2008

I got pissed off cuz hubby doesn't have boobs

And we wonder why they say women are impossible to please????

Not that I really want him to have boobs per se. I don't think that look would particularly suit him.

It was more of me wishing I could remove mine, just for a little while, and maybe give them to someone else, albeit temporarily.

I wish that for one night, just one night, I could sleep, all night long, without them being sucked on, tweaked, kicked, grabbed, squeezed... a jillion times.



BlueBella said...

Wouldn't it be nice if we could just take them off for a little bit??

But then the world would come to a screaching halt because all the men wearing them would stop in their tracks and be mezmerized for hours at their newest 'additions'. . . oh my gosh, what do I do. . . scratch my balls or squeeze my boobs? ah!!!!!

Theresa said...

hahahaha... you just reminded me of what hubby said he would be doing if he could be a woman for one day. It involved a mirror! hahahahaha

Nan said...

Well, you could always try the Sam Weaning method: put on a bra and two shirts to go to bed. Tell child (he was 18 months) that the boobies go to sleep at night now, because they can no longer wake up. Night night boobies! Then listen to child screech for three nights, sitting beside you in bed and wailing into your two TShirts! Boobies wake up at 6. Joy! A week later, sleep like a log all night. Immediately get pregnant again to prove it.

Motherhood so sucks!

Mikael said...

Oh gosh Nan, I couldn't do that! I think the crying would stress me more than the lack of sleep.

And you and Sean are just like bunnies!