Friday, June 27, 2008

Country roads, take me home.

I soooooo need to buy a hammock!

I also need to buy a beautiful country cottage with tall, shady trees all around so that I can hang my hammock and swing with the angel peacefully to that soothing, mellow hum of the woods.

The angel loved it. She just drifted off to sleep as we rocked. Completely at peace.

As kids, my Dad used to take us hiking almost every other weekend during the dry season. The beach was a regular weekend and often weekday activity too. And we had a lovely back yard with trees perfect for climbing and picking. So even though I didn't grow up in the country (Chaguanas may not be the city, but it ain't exactly Nature World either) we had our fair share of natural life.

Now I live in an apartment the middle of a city. There's a patch of grass outside with a couple trees, but that's where everybody ''walks'' their dogs. And its behind a gas station. Not exactly National Geographic.

There was something about being away from the cars, steel, and billboards that made me realize how noisy life in the city is. I had forgotten that. Not that country life is devoid of sound; au contraire; those birds and frogs were going at it non stop! But it wasn't noise. And the rigid structure of cold, dead concrete can't begin to touch the wild beauty of a forest.

I think my friend Kati will be seeing a lot more of me this summer!


Tash said...

Love that photo, a real peaceful little angel... hammocks are the best!

Glad you enjoyed your trip

Scary Mommy said...

She looks so peaceful!! What a beauty.
So glad you commented-- I was wondering who was reading me in Estonia!

Nan said...

Ooooh, the hammock. Saved my life when my boys were little. All of their daytime naps were taken there, as you probably know! When you get here, we should borrow a backpack and go for a hike... if we have time!