Tuesday, June 17, 2008

It's Tuesday in Tallinn

So Tallinn is COMPLETELY different from Trini. COM-PLETE-LY. Red chalk and blue cheese different.

There are cobble-stoned streets, castles (yes yes, there is Stollmeyer's Castle in Trini, but that's different), free wireless internet connections everywhere - even in the park, a reliable public transport system. Over here, ''punane'' means red; back home it means... well.. erm... I'm trying to keep this blog PG. I could go on and on. It really is a totally different world.

Back home on Frederick Street, vendors with ovens-on-wheels hang out on corners selling honey roasted peanuts rolled up in brown paper cones. YUMMY! It is a hot, sticky, sweet, crunchy, all-over-scrumptious, more-ish snack.

And they sell it here! Complete with brown paper cones too!!

That's my mom trying it out when she was here in December.

It's a lil different, to be fair. There's a cinnamon flavour to it here, and it's not as sticky. And the dudes selling it don't have dreadlocks and say ''yeah fam'ly''. They wear ye-olde-Friar-Tuck robes instead of air-brushed Bob Marley t-shirts.

But when the weather gets cold and grey, it never fails to take me back to the hot, crowded, vibrant streets of home.


Tash said...

It's Tuesday in Trinidad. I'm sitting in my office next to a work colleague whose brother was shot on Saturday in Belmont. And yesterday, I ran in to a friend who was celebrating her '6th week of freedom' having been released by kidnappers (for ransom of course) 6 weeks ago. So when you miss Trinidad think of the blessings of Tallinn.

I have been trying to keep up a continuous stream of morale and hope for our lovely country over the past few years as every one set about 'Trinidad Bashing" and look - there I go. I'm converted. I'm a Trini Basher. It's sad. It hurts my heart. We're losing the battle here. For once, I'm seriously considering moving to the UK. The only thing keeping me here is that I don't want to be a part of the rat race there. Quality of life and all that.. yadda yadda yadda.

Theresa said...

Tash girl, my own family has been a victim of the kidnappers and robbers on more than one occasion. My brother was nearly car-jacked a few months ago. Hubby and I were robbed on our wedding night. His mom was held up in her hotel room while she slept.

I have no delusions about what's going on back home. My mom, as much as she misses us, is grateful everyday that my bro and I no longer live there.

I used to want the baby to grow up in Trini, but now I realize that it's the Trini that we grew up in that I want for her. Not this one.

I understand what you mean about not being part of the rat race that seems to take over when you move into a big metropolis. But when I look at the loss of freedom in Trini it changes my perspective. Here in Tallinn, and its the same in London, you can walk the streets at night without fear. You can drive around without worrying that you are being followed.

I still hold onto the hope that things will turn around one day though.

Anonymous said...

where is anthony living??

Anonymous said...

p.s. this is the problem if we all just pick up and leave who will stand to make the change?? we can't let those baboons win. i for one am going back with a mission. round up the troops!

Theresa said...

Anthony moved to Bermuda about 2 months ago. And if i didn't have the baby to think about, I would be back home in a heartbeat too.