Friday, June 6, 2008

Van Gone

I think I was an artist in a past life and there was some residue that trickled over into this one.  Not much mind you, just a trickle.  I wasn't half-bad in school, and actually did much better in Art than I ever did in French.  But French is what they decided I should do at A' Levels.  Cuz wha kinda job you go get with Art???

But anyway, I decided recently to give it another go.  What the heck.  Plus there's nobody around for me to compare to and feel decidedly untalented like I did at art class with the people who actually were artists in this lifetime.

In lieu of real supplies which I really couldn't justify spending on (not when those cute summer dresses are bunning my eyes all over the mall), I bought jumbo crayons for the Angel and figured she wouldn't mind if I borrowed them from time to time.

The Result:

The Inspiration:

I know!!!  Its like picture perfect!!!  jus kidding


Tash said...

Well well well look who I found blogging!!!! Theresa! ...saw your comment on Nancy's post and the picture of Zara peeping over your shoulder. Yay! Now can keep in touch. Just started a blog myself - not sure how I hope to keep it up with no time at work - Should be working now... sadly it's only me I'm hurting cause it's me who's gonna catch when my clients are calling!!

Love the crayon drawing - you were always talented. I tried to paint when I was pregnant with Zac - hahahahah stopped after the first failed attempt.

Tash said...

he's in SEA next year chica. That's the pressure I'm trying to protect him from...

Nan said...

You artist! Well, I knew you were damn good with carbon paper, ent? Keep drawing. When you come for summer, you can play with my stuff and figure out what you like!