Friday, June 13, 2008


It's confirmed!!!  Tickets have been purchased, there's no going back now.  I'll be home from July 10 to 31 for those who care :)

Whaz de plan?????
I wanna:
Spend a week at the beach; DDI, Mayaro, it matters not.  As long as a bed for the angel is not more than a few metres away from the action.
Laze in Maracas
EAT till I bust
Other cool island things that i can't remember right now.  

No partying this time though.  The angel is still somewhat permanently attached to my hip and chest.

See y'all soon!!!


Nan said...

Let's see if I can remind you. There's shark and bake at maracas, roti, sno cones, swimming in the sea, looking at birdies, lying on the jetty looking at stars, ice cold beers on a hot day, letting your baby be entertained by big boy cousins who will kiss her till she gets vex, putting on sunblock and mosquito repellant, MANGOES, coconut water, and having naps while someone babysits.

Kaisa said...

Haaaaave phun! :)

Nadia said...

Hey!! Do you want to go Tobago for a weekend when you come? I would love to see you guys and I'm planning a trip...