Wednesday, June 25, 2008

It's summer daaahling

I'm headed off to the country for a few days! Whoop tee whooooppp!!

Sunshine that wont be blocked out by buildings, fresh air with minimum carbon monoxide and exhaust fumes, grass we can sit in cuz its more than just where the dogs pee, trees that grew just cuz they felt like it. And even better!! ANOTHER MOMMY TO TALK TO!!

My friend Kati has a 1 month old and has moved down to her country house, daahling, to enjoy summer. We shall bond and speak of babies, nappies, lack of sleep and other such exciting topics over cups of tea while sitting in the sun.

Or maybe not... it's kinda cold. I shall wear a sweater!

So in the sun we shall be, bonding over babies, while the men bring home the freshly slaughtered bacon. Never mind the bacon is in a grocery bag, for the bag is heavy, and they are strong manly men.

That's the picture in my head anyway. I'll let you know how far away from reality it was when I get back on Friday :)

Dear God, Pleeeeeeeeeeeeease don't let it rain.


Tash said...

Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sounds great... and yes, they are manly men or so they would have you believe

Nan said...

Yay for mommy friends! I had one or two when the boys were babies, and we would say "RIGHT! No talking about poop, sleep or breasts!" But alas, there was nothing else to talk about. So we gave in. NOW, we can talk about real estate, spirituality, food, politics, cars, shoes, men, and a host of other topics, so fear not, there is hope. Just you go ahead and talk about poop for now.