Monday, June 23, 2008

Do you hear that???

It's the beautiful sound of an angel sleeping... and she didn't need to screech before too. It seems to have come to an end. Praise ye the Lord, Hallelujah! So what was it anyway? Growth spurt? Lung Practice for an illustrious cheerleading career? Or maybe she's gonna be a rock-star? Move over Axl Rose!! Whatever the reason, I'm glad that it has come to an end... albeit probably only for now. I'm sure that it will come again.

Its just a phase, its just a phase.

But it's Midsummer here in Tallinn! Jaanipäev (pronounced yanni-pev) in Estonian. This is a Big Deal over here. BIG. Like Christmas Big. Days don't end. They get a little darker around midnight, but just briefly, and then the sun comes back out again. To commemorate these never-ending days, Estonians get drunk, jump over bonfires and see which woman can throw an old rubber boot the furthest. No kidding. I have done this. Grilled meat on open fires, (or a bar-be-que pit if you don't feel the need to be too authentic) is the main menu.

Last year we camped out at a friend's country place. He hasn't built the house yet, but he did have a sauna. Another ''must have'' for the true Estonian country experience. A wooden hut with a fire, hot stones and a bucket of water for steam. Birch tree branches to be slapped on hot sweaty backs is the real deal for those so inclined. I haven't done that one yet. I am lame.

No camping this year though. In true Jaanipäev fashion it rained all day. And I just wasn't about to endure sitting in a tent all day with a 7 month old.

She is 7 months today!! Happy Birthday my angel! MWAH!!

She's just about sitting up on her own, although she does forget sometimes that leaning back will shift her center of gravity and de-stabilize her perfect form. She's is only 7 months after all. And there is only so much physics you can remember at any given time, Dad ;-)


eye in de sky said...

How far yuh pelt de boots?

Tash said...

my question exactly?!

I know you're miles away from your family but I love the fact that you've embraced hubby's culture :)

Theresa said...

Kyah kyah kyah. I had to translate that qsn for hubby! And in my defense, i was preggers and apparently it eh too safe to be forcefully flinging stuff over your head.

Tash, I real miss home, but it not so bad here :)