Wednesday, June 4, 2008

A Day at the Zoo

It was so beautiful on Sunday so off to the zoo we went... along with the rest of Tallinn.  Circled around, looked for a place to park so we could join the million-man-line, drove straight into another car also doing the same.


Damage to us:  Radiator busted, front door can't open, bumper bumped out of commission, hood sqooshed.

Damage to them: a scratch on their back door.

But I could not have hand-picked a prettier spot to have an accident!

There was an old crow reading the papers.  He was sick though, or really old... by the time we got the bureaucracy out of the way, he had gone off to birdie heaven.

I took lots of pics of pretty flowers.  The Angel tried to eat most of them... the flowers that is, not the pics.

This lil old lady was grumbling with her hubby.  He just held her hand and walked along with her.

Gave up on the zoo and went to get some grub instead.

We can try again some other time.

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Nan said...

Oh no! That sucks!