Saturday, June 7, 2008

Nap time, trini style

Are you having a little trouble helping your angel to settle?  Does she get kinda fretty and whiny when she's sleepy?  

Worry no more!  I have a wonderful solution just for you!  GUARANTEED!

Simply sling her up and pick one of these groovy soca hits below.  Crank up the volume and boogie, wine, gyrate, shake it like nobody's watching!  

Forget those lame lullabies... SOCA is what you need!  She'll be in La La Land in no time!

Works everytime :)


Icegod said...

I'll have to tell my sis try that with her baby, cause he does get fussy at nap time..thnks for the tip

denny said...

hold de mother goose nursery-rhymes, give me soca.. aha aha...