Sunday, August 17, 2008

Coconuts and the I.R.A

That's my dad in our, well their, backyard cutting coconuts from our... I mean their coconut tree. He's not really in the IRA though. I think my uncle was, but that could have just been a story they told us.

But he did grow up in Nor'n Ireland seeing bombs go off next door. That's something a Trini like me will hopefully never understand. And if Russia decides to get pissy with Estonia again, I'm on the next plane out.

And I saw a coconut tree for sale in the mall! It was just a coconut that had sprouted in a bucket. All I could think of was ''Is that really going to fit in an apartment??'' Now, I'm wondering if it would survive winter. Cus it would be super cool to have a coconut tree in the yard of our new house. Cus now we have a yaaard daaahling. We would be the only people with that, I'm sure! And everybody would get freshly-picked, organic coconuts from their cool caribbean neighbour. And the kids could have coconut tree climbing competitions. hahahaha... I just had a mental picture of hubby trying to scale the tree with a cutlass (machete) in his teeth. hahahahaha. Maybe not such a good idea after all.

I really have nothing to write about, have you noticed?

Dry. I. Am. Dry.

Furniture shopping is harder than me thought. And 'SPENSIVE! Don't talk about planning a kitchen! With all the different drawers, and thingies, and whatchamacallits. Whew. Dizzzy. But fun :)


Tash said...

Fresh coconut water - so much for lemonade stands in the angel's future :)

Theresa said...

hahahaha.. i didn't even think about that. Excellent supplementary income source!