Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Drum roll.......

It's our new home!!! Well, part of it anyway. The top of the stairs leading out to the porch to be exact.

So no, sorry to disappoint. I'm not preggers again. Praise Jah, Allah, Jesus, Latchmi, Buddha and The Universe. What do y'all think we are? Bunnies??? Angel ain't even 9 months old yet! Besides, contraception was the first topic of conversation at my checkup. I even begged and pleaded to have my tubes tied, for I was NEVAH going through that again! I would adopt, surely, if the Brangelina brooding itch started acting up. But doc said nay. ''EVerybody says that'' she proclaimed smiling. ''No no no no no.. I'm serious'' I countered. ''I really REALLY am SURE that I don't want anymore''. She wasn't convinced. But at least she provided a five-year-accident-free alternative. So unless fate seriously has other plans for me, that's one post you won't be reading for a while :)

Back to Mi Casa or Minu Maja in Estonian. It's a little box, made of ticky tacky, with other little boxes and they all look just the same. And I shall love it! Because there will be grass, and trees, and no horns honking, and kids playing outside, and other parents whom I can bond with and borrow eggs from if I run out. I shall be a hermit no more. Hallelujah.

So I've been busy learning about and trying to Feng Shui a very non-Feng-Shui layout. Imagine they put the bathrooms right next to and above the front door! Just flushing all our chi down the drain. It is amazing how un-harmoniously we live. I wonder if that's the reason the angel wakes up a million times at night, and I feel like death most mornings??

Did you know that :
You shouldn't put mirrors reflecting your bed? Sorry for all the pervies out there, but it brings a 3rd party to your union.

Using all the burners on your stove will open you up to multiple sources of income.

A bathroom over your kitchen will badly affect health and prosperity. And a bathroom in the middle of the house will undermine all the energy therein.

You should never store stuff under your bed or sleep with your feet pointed out the door.

A mirror reflecting your work desk doubles your work load!

Amazing stuff! There's lots more in the interwebs so Google away! Unless of course you know all that already. I just had to share :)

And thanks Kaisa for the tip on the art-shop. I went there yesterday and the lady is really cool! She was sooo helpful and her store is very baby-friendly. ''Put her on the ground so she can walk around... have a seat here and nurse her if you want... here's a doll for her to play with.'' If only everywhere was so open to babies, the world would be a happier place. Sigh.

And it seems I have chosen my pseudonym well. Van Gone. For the artist has left the building. I hope he just went out for some coffee. I shall doodle until he decides to come back. No pressure. I am open to the energy. Ohhhmmm.


Tash said...

yay! good luck with the feng shui thingy - I for one just LOVE where my mirror is, AND my feet point out the door. Will look in to it.

Little boxes - funny. Heard that one at Scary Mommy's too.

Theresa said...

Scary Mommy and I had a weird connection on that day. She posted hers the same day I started writing this.

And Feng Shui is really complicated! This is harder than I thought!

Nan said...

Hello, honey! Congratulations on your HOUSE!!! Yippeee! We had a great time in brasso seco, and eventually I will post something. Right now, I am dealing with VERY smelly, wet, muddy backpacks, towels, clothes, shoes....

Bro said...

Thanks for the feng shui info. Will have to review my current conditions to ensure that I'm maximising my feng shui experience.

butter said...

First congrats on the house! When's housewarming? I just realized I've been a really sucky auntie, I haven't seen your angel not even once :( only on pictures....

But, I'm soooo happy you liked the store :) it's becoming my favorite thing ever... it's like candy store for me and the lady is so nice :)

Jan is making a website for the lady, that's how we met in the first place and I'm helping him out with some drawing stuff as well...

Hope you still find time to be artistic ;) I will try at least! Really hard this year!