Thursday, August 14, 2008

Feng Shui for luuuurve

This post is dedicated to those of you who are looking for love, think they found love, want more love, wanna keep the love flowing, and just love love :)

Now I'm no expert, this is just stuff that you could find yourself online. But since I googled it already, why should you have to do all that work!

So here we go:

The theme is Happy Couples. So we need to reflect this in your boudoir, even if you're not in a couple. You won't look like a psycho stalker, you will just be letting the universe (and any ahem, guests) know that you are open and receptive to luurve.

Pictures and artwork of happy pairs is good. It doesn't have to be cheesy and mushy. 2 flowers, 2 birds, 2 hands, 2 people who look like they are happy to be together. Single stuff probably won't help here, like 1 tree, or 1 man fishing. Apparently all that solo stuff sends out the signal that solitude is your thing.

Its a good idea to put this on the wall at the foot of your bed and just opposite your door, so you see it when you come in and when you're in bed.

Onto your bed! If its jammed with one side against the wall, you're gonna need to pull it out. Ideally, both sides should be equally accessible by you and your objet d'amour. Good quality, soft, natural fibre sheets are what you need. Cus who feels sexy on rough and scratchy sheets?? And keep it so that you are facing the door when you're lying down, but without your feet pointing out. Kinda obliquely opposite the door is what I think they mean. And your headboard should be against the wall too. Bedside tables, if you have them, should be on each side of the bed.

For the lighting, think soft and soothing. Toxin free, scented candles, dim lights. No glaring overhead lights, computer and TV screens. They said you can cover up the TV with a nice piece of fabric if you really don't want to get rid of it. But really, TV in the bedroom?? Kinda counter-productive to your aim, n'est ce pas?

Open your windows! Lots of fresh air is good, but make sure you close 'em up at night to keep the energy circling around and nourishing you.

Now for your colours. Think lots of skin, in its varying beautiful shades from pale to chocolate. A pop of red or pink here and there is sure to bring home the love. But you need to be careful with the red though. Apparently its a really powerful colour, and if it isn't used properly, can have some negative power. Sorry, I don't know more about that.

And cover up or move any mirrors reflecting your bed. Let's not have a 3rd party in the mix... unless that's your thing, of course.


bro said...

Thanks. Will do

Anonymous said...


Is this your room - very stylish!!!! Trying to achieve sylish look with our boudoir but failing miserably. Thanks for the least now I can get the feng shui bit going...

Theresa said...

I WISH!!! I think my current setup breaks every rule of feng shui. That pic is my inspiration :) There are lots of pictures online, has quite some really nice ones. Good luck!