Friday, August 8, 2008

Etc etc etc

I have a lot of little things running through my head, but can't seem to decide what exactly I want to say about them.

Like the one annoying fly that was buzzing around in my kitchen this morning. He's still here somewhere, but methinks he picked up on my ''I'm seriously considering swatting you'' vibe and decided it was time to chill out quietly. I was am reading The Seat of the Soul, and I reached the part about Reverence. Apparently reverence for Life extends to annoying buzzy bugs too. So to get the urge to squish out of my system, I squished the urge to squish the fly instead.

Then there's the bursting mommy-pride. The angel is crawling! Pulling herself up to stand! Saying Mama! Saying Dada! I have the most adorable (naturally) video of her crawling on the beach in Tobago which I am dying to post here. But she's naked. As we all should be on the beach. And I hesitate. To me there is nothing more beautiful than her michelin-man dumpling rolls and that scrumptious baby bum. And I want to show it to everybody. But I know that there are those out there who won't see it for it's innocent beauty. And that makes me sad.

Then there's the whole spiritual journey thing that I'm dying to talk about. I think it started when I was a teenager and couldn't get my head around the Body & Blood of Christ in the form of a wafer and vino. I've come a looong way since then. I recently refused to baptise the angel. That's a whole 'nother post by itself. Has anyone seen Zeitgeist???

And, I'm getting a serious itch to paint. I have some cool pics that I want to play with. What's the best medium for intense colours and reach-out-and-touch-me texture? Acrylics? Oils? Cotton balls soaked in food colouring? Something else I never heard of? And what kinda brushes do I need?

Ok, I think that's it for now. I do have some other MAJAH news, but I don't want to jinx it yet :)

My friend's country house in Vihterpalus, Estonia


Tash said...

acrylics pop the most, if you ask me! And just love that you can cover up any mistakes so easily!

Wanna see the video but know whatcha saying :(

Yay for a crawling Angel!

eye in de sky said...

Somebody's Preggers!??

Karly said...


Also, I had posted lots of pictures of my kids in the bath tub (not even with private parts showing) on Flickr and those pictures got over 2000 hits in just a month. My other pictures average about 5-10 hits a month. So, I marked them as private and don't post anything like that anymore. It's so hard not to post that stuff though, because little babies and toddlers just have the cutest nakey-ness don't they?

Nan said...

Hmmm, Sean said what I was thinking.. Acrylics do pop, and don't make you want to cry like watercolours. Get a set in the neighbourhood art shop, mid-range price, one that comes with brushes and everything. Cotman and Reeves are good, but even a student set would be fine. Do NOT get the cheapest one, it will probably be crap. Don't get the most expensive either, because you will have to limit yourself to minimum colours and stuff. All you need is paper, small sheets. Brushes, assorted. Paints. One set. If you like charcoal, get some for drawing as it helps to keep you "loose". Pencil can make you finicky. (ME! Very Finicky!) You go girl!

BlueBella said...

Yay for crawling baby! Yay for nekkidness on the beach! Yay for MAJAH news . . . do your boobs hurt? Nausea? Exhaustion? haha!

Can't wait to hear when you're ready to tell:)

Kaisa said...

I know a really good store for oil and acrylic paints + a nice lady leading the store. It's in the old town of Tallinn, in the courtyard where cafe pierre, chocolaterie is... there's a store called Õnneküpsis, you should have a look, the lady of the house knows so much about this kind of things and she speaks perfect english ,)