Monday, August 25, 2008

Lookit how much roooom we have!

This Feng Shui stuff is GREAT!! I've thrown out bags and bags and HUGE bags of JUNK that was just cluttering my life and my cupboards. It really is amazing how much stuff you can accumulate, and how freeing it is to get rid of it all.

Clothes, shoes, handbags, belts, jewelry, dvd's... I still have boxes of books to tackle. Because books are to be read, and not collected to gather dust and mites.

The other good thing is that even though I am throwing them out because I no longer need them, they will find their way into the homes of others who do. ''Garbage'' is well sorted here in Estonia so no fish bones or shrimp shells will be mixed with the clothes. And there are those who make their living off the things that others discard.

And I found 2 fabulous pairs of my pre-preggy jeans that I had completely forgotten about!

And I no longer have to spend 2 hours deciding what to wear because I can SEE everything that I have. Its a lot less that I had before, but it is all stuff that I like to wear. No more chugging through piles of things that I don't like or that don't fit to find my favorites.

So liberating. So easy. So clean and neat.

Some of the jewelry is harder to part with though. A pretty jade pendant, a delicate gold bracelet and earrings, an onyx chain and earrings. Gifts from an old boyfriend that have less than pleasant memories attached. But no longer will they hold me in the past. I'm not throwing them in the bin, I'll find someone to give them to... after I cleanse them with sandalwood incense, and cut my ties.

And when we move into our new home next month, we will be moving with only the things we love.

P.S. If you wanna give the whole Feng Shui thing a try, try to get your hands on a copy of ''Feng Shui your Life'' by Jayme Barrett. Its an excellent introduction that will speak volumes to you about more than just where to put your couch... but she'll help you with that too!


BlueBella said...

Oh it sounds awesome what you've done! You've got to just be sooooo excited about the new house - I'm jealous at your organization and new beginning!
Can't wait to see more pics when you get a chance.

witchypoo said...

That is the very best possible way to move, with only things that you love! You will find your other relationships following suit.