Friday, August 29, 2008

Guidance needed

My ex died yesterday. Apparently suicide. The same ex that gave me the jewelry.
2 days after I tried to cut our spiritual ties.
1 day after I cleansed the jewelry of any negative energy so that they could be passed safely on to a new owner.

I don't believe in coincidences.

If anyone reading this can help me to process it, I would be grateful.


BlueBella said...

Oh my! Are you ok?

I need more info. . .not that Inecessarily want anyone DEAD . . .but whoa, that's some serious mojo.

witchypoo said...

Yes, you can let him go with love. Just breathe it in, and make it brighter and bigger with each breath. Do the LaMaze breathing.
Then surround him with the love, and say "I release you." or "Go in peace." If you see any cords trailing from him, cut them with love.

Tash said...

Oh Theresa! Just caught this but on my way out - will be back!

Breathe love

Nan said...

Hi babe, have been thinking of you. I think he's in a good place now, no longer suffering. I think you had an inkling of what was coming... I felt sick the night before, it was weird. I sweated nasty, like after you have a baby? I had to get up and change, and tossed and turned. It's a very good thing you had cut those ties, methinks. He must have been saying goodbye, the past few days, and you heard him.

Bro said...

I'm sorry he passed away too. He was a good guy as I knew him and that's the best way to remember someone.

warriorwoman said...

Hi, thought I'd come visit your site.

Your ex's decision to leave this world was his. Whatever the circumstances, the decision was still his.

We can't save everyone, at least he's home with God.

Take care.

eye in de sky said...

Stones haiku

He was a very good guy,
but had too much pain
He's in a comfy place now


Pleeze don't throw away any of my stuff !