Saturday, August 2, 2008

back grinding

I am up to my very tanned neck in wafting cat hair balls, piles of clean, not-so-clean, and definitely-not-clean clothes, half-empty suitcases, granola bar crumbs, beautiful white sand that somehow also made the trip but looked much prettier and felt less annoying in Tobago, and jet lag.


But of course I must find the time to blog!

I shall keep it short and sweet.

To commemorate a wonderful vacation, I present to you :

ME! Trying my darndest to squeeze every last drop of fun out of my last day :)

P.S. Sorry about posting the video via facebook, but this darn thing won't let me post it here :(


Tash said...

Can't view the vid cause not on facebook anymore - glad you're home safely. Sorry I'm such shit at getting in touch.

Nan said...

I saw the video on Sean's facebook. So funny!!! Sad you are gone, but glad you are back online.