Sunday, August 31, 2008


I realized this morning how angry I have been for a long time. Angry with him for things he did that hurt me. Angry with him for throwing his life away bit by bit over the past years. Angry with him for not facing his demons. Angry with him for ignoring the love and help his friends and family tried over and over to give him. Angry with his parents. Angry with myself.

I can't be angry anymore. I cannot judge.

The universe unfolds the way it should. Thank you for reminding me of that Tash.

Today is his funeral. A gifted, intelligent, loved, young man with a little baby boy, died from heart failure. It wasn't suicide.

One day his family, many many friends and I will understand, but for now I am grateful that he is at peace.

God speed. Rest in peace Tony. Be at peace.

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Nan said...

Hello you... well, we are both missing the funeral. Mum is at the hospital, having a dengue fever test, so I am babysitterless. I didn't want to take the kids to that one. I am saying a prayer here instead.